GTA V Microtransactions System

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular game franchises of all time. The newest game from Rockstar North, GTA V surpasses its predecessors in terms of gameplay, graphics, open world exploration by offering a massive Los Santos city to roam around. The game developers have done their best with single player campaigns in San Andreas itself and has now stepped into the MMO, massively multi-player online scenario. Millions of other players will be playing alongside you in the game. While you can complete difficult missions such as hijacking armored cars and trucks or by assassinating people on contracts to earn money, the game also features an in-game store.

The GTA V microtransactions system allows you to make use of the virtual store where you can pay real money to exchange it for virtual currency known as the GTA$. It is designed in such a way that you will be able to earn it by completing missions or pay directly but for those who don’t want to, the GTA V Hack is an ideal choice. You can download the mod from our site and become a big time gangster.

While basically the game belongs to the MMO category, only fifteen people actively engage with one another. You will not be able to randomly shoot down someone else or attack another player out of your boundaries. The game offers wide variety of choices when it comes to shopping and upgrades. Players will be spoiled for choice with exceptional costume designs, an array of weapons to buy, apartments, skyscrapers and vehicles.

Right from luxurious cars to helicopters, everything can be brought online if you have the necessary cash. You can earn more by completing missions but before doing so, it is good to start off with a good car because escaping the crime scene is mandatory. Keep a good gun handy and make some friends. The GTA V Hack will help you get unlimited cash which is the first step towards building a crew, buying weapons and cars. You will not only get these but also unlimited ammo for weapons and by using the mod, it is possible to have additional armor which will make you invincible against attacks.

Start building your reputation which will grow along with your cash earnings. It all relies on your level of notoriety and how well you can escape the law without getting caught. The more heists and attacks you perform without losing your control, the higher your reputation will be. For those who prefer to have unlimited resources and like to use GTA V microtransactions only to buy essentials, our new and powerful app is your ultimate key to open a world full of possibilities. The city of Los Santos is huge and set to be explored by different groups of players. When you plan to go on a heist, break into banks or get away from the cops, a handy helicopter will come to your rescue. With unlimited GTA$, it’s possible to buy everything and do much more than you could imagine. Get full reputation, infinite money, ammo and god mode to become a powerful player in Grand Theft Auto